Schedule of Information published

Click here to see the schedule of information published  Information to be published 2016 chart


Click here to see the Byelaws,   Sealed byelaws 2003

Committee Terms of Reference

Committee Terms of Reference

Click here to view COUNCIL – Terms of Reference  COUNCIL – Terms of Reference Approved May 2014 amended No 2018

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct adopted by Council

Click here to see Policy Code of Conduct Edenbridge Town Council 2016

Complaints Procedure

Complaints procedure adopted by Council  Complaints Procedure May 2016

Communication and Community Engagement Strategy

Communication and Community Engagement Strategy adopted by Council  Communication and Community Engagement Dec 2018

Election results

Click here to see the 2015 election results for the Town Council Election Results Town Council

Environment Policy

Click here to see the adopted Environmental Policy for the Town Council Environmental Policy Statement (5)

Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations adopted by Council

Click here to see the Regulations Model Financial Regs Model Financial Regs adopted May 16 Amended Feb 18

Good Councillor’s Guide

Click here to be taken to the Good Councillor’s Guide The-Good-Councillors-guide-2018 (1)

Health & Safety Policy

Click here to see the adopted Health & safety Policy for the town council Policy Statement (2) 2016

Click here to see the Policy Manual Policy Manual 2016 (1)

Information & Data Protection/Data Retention & Disposal Policy

Click here to see the Information & Data Protection Policy adopted May 2018 Information Data Protection Policy 2018(1)

Click here to see the Data Retention Policy Document Retention and Disposal Policy(1) (1)

Click Here to see the List of Documents for disposal Retention of Documents – Appendix A List of Documents for Retention or Disposal (1)

Privacy Policies

Click here to be taken to our Privacy Statements

Social Media and Electronic Communication Policy

Click here to view Social Media and electronic communication policy

Standing Orders

Standing Orders adopted at the Annual Council meeting

Click here to view Edenbridge Town Council Model Standing Orders 2018 (England)July18

Staffing Structure

Click here  to see the Council staffing structure


Edenbridge Economic Study (Regeneris)

Click here to see a copy of the 2017 report Edenbridge Economic Study – Final

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