Creating Edenbridge Neighbourhood Plan gives the community a chance to shape the way the area develops over the next 15 years to 2030 – and beyond.

It is an opportunity to create really local planning policies, to fit in with the layers of District and National policies which already set the wider criteria that development must meet.

First drafts of possible policies were in a small booklet distributed to households earlier last year, to see if the local community thought these would achieve the Objectives that had been agreed. The replies to this consultation showed there was broadly agreement, but with divided opinions on housing. It also showed that there needed to be more views gathered from younger age groups, to balance the number of responses from more mature residents.

Further work was done over the summer and autumn to collect more views, especially on housing, to further refine the policies taking into account the responses received, and also to seek additional evidence where needed.

The latest draft policies are shown here: DRAFT NPlan policies Mar 2017

Please send your comments to the Edenbridge Neighbourhood Plan Facebook page, or by e-mail, phone, or by letter.

Key contacts for Edenbridge Neighbourhood Plan:


Steering Group chairman Annette Hards –

Edenbridge Town Council – 01732 865368 –


The full Neighbourhood Plan document itself has to contain a number of other specific elements, as well as the proposed policies themselves with their supporting text, including a statement on what consultation has been carried out, when and through what methods.

There are formal stages a Neighbourhood Plan document has to pass through – firstly submission to the District Council, which then carries out a consultation, beyond that there is then an external inspection by a Planning Inspector, after that there is a local Referendum for the community to vote whether they support the plan. It is hoped the Edenbridge Neighbourhood Plan will have passed through all the stages this by early next year.


Click on this link to see the report from the 2016 consultation on the early drafts for policies  Draft Policies survey Report

Click on this link to see information about the Neighbourhood Plan and the policies taking shape in 2016  Media release – Policy consultation and display Feb 16

Edenbridge Housing Needs Survey 2015 Click on this link to see the report    EB HNS Report

Edenbridge Businesses survey 2015  Click on this link to see the report     Business Survey Report – Oct 2015

Edenbridge NDP Consultation Statement



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