…for the service given to the community by the members of the Council  who are not standing for re- election in May.

To represent you they have attended numerous meetings and taken decisions on a wide range of topics.  On top of the regular business they have taken the lead in different areas

Cllr. Roger Bell – Schools and youth

Cllr. Trevor Bryant – Open spaces

Cllr. Vince Maynard – Roads and traffic

Cllr. Mark Robson – Trains

Cllr Clive Pearman – Aviation  (previous Chairman of Council)

Cllr Jill Davison deserves an extra special mention having represented the Council for over 25 years.  In addition to being its Chairman, she has led on local planning, and community involvement.  She has taken up issues on behalf of many individual  residents over the years.  Her calm, caring manner, dedication, and ability to achieve the best outcomes for the town, have seen Edenbridge develop whilst retaining its community spirit. Her work is particularly commended.

Thank You – You have all been amazing.