Annual Budget and Precept

The Town Council is keen to share with its residents’ information about the Council’s budgets and financial position. Each year a statement on the draft budget and Percept for the new financial year is published on this page below.

Preparations for the new financial year’s draft budget starts in September/October time. The Town Clerk and the RFO review the Town Council’s income and expenditure, reserves, and its budgets, together with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee. The Forward Planning Steering Group considers the Council’s projects and if any of these may have an impact on the Precept. A view on the Council’s finances and Precept is presented to the full Council at its November meeting, so that a recommendation on the Precept can be made to the Finance Committee to prepare its budget for the December Committee meeting. Once the Finance Committee has agreed the draft budget, it is then published here, on the Council’s website. At the Council’s January meeting it will reconsider, and confirm the budget and Precept for the coming financial year.


Budget for 2020-21
2021-22 Statement on budget and Precept
2021-22 DRAFT budget and precept statement

Previous budgets and Precepts:
2019-20 budget and Precept statement 
2019-20 budget Summary version click here

2018-19 budget
2017-18 budget
2016-17 budget
2015-16 budget