Annual Events

Edenbridge Hospital Fete and Edenbridge & Westerham Rotary Festival

The Edenbridge Hospital Fete (01732 860148) and the Edenbridge & Westerham Rotary Festival (01732 862925) are on alternate years.

Bonfire Night Torchlit Parade & Fireworks

The Bonfire Night Torchlit Parade & Fireworks in November has one of the best firework displays in the region. The Bishop of the Bonfire leads a torch lit procession of marching bands, floats and Guy Fawkes through the High Street. Thousands of people gather from about 6pm and the procession sets off about 6.30pm with a tremendous firework display about 8.30pm. Each year there is a “celebrity” guy whose identity remains a secret until just before the day!

Contact: 01732 863120

Further Information

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