Warm Spaces

Find your nearest Warm Space

Warm Spaces are safe and friendly public places where people of all ages can go to comfortably spend time reading, studying, chatting with others, and meeting new people in their community. For example – community cafes, leisure centres, libraries, play groups, meet and chat groups, church groups etc.

Find a warm space in Edenbridge or locally by viewing the directory: Warm Spaces | Sevenoaks District Council

Could you provide a warm space?

To help residents during these difficult times to find alternative Warm Spaces, the four district towns have been working with Sevenoaks District Council who has set up a dedicated web page directory and Warm Spaces Charter.

‘Warm spaces’ is where organisations, groups or businesses that already have facilities including toilets, heating, wi-fi, tables and chairs, and tea-making facilities might consider opening their doors as a Warm Space. This could involve being open on days which they are not usually open, being open for longer, or widening your offer to all in need of a Warm Space. If you can help, read on…

Organisations and businesses can join the Warm Spaces directory by filling out the online form to be a Warm Space. Posters can be provided free of charge advertising your Warm Space. Visit www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/warmspaces to register your Warm Space and to look at the directory.

If you or someone you need, needs help during the winter months, take a look at the Warm Spaces directory. Sevenoaks District Council also offers advice and information for people impacted by the cost of living crisis. For more details visit: Help with the cost of living | Sevenoaks District Council