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How well do you know your town council?

Here at Edenbridge Town Council we have 15 volunteer councillors that are elected to represent the people of Edenbridge. For many, being a councillor is something they do alongside another job. They divide themselves between the South & West Ward, and North & East Ward.

Map 1: North & East Ward | Map 2: South & West Ward

Councillors attend lots of events within the community, so you are likely to become familiar with their faces – just last week some of our councillors attended the AGMs for Edenbridge & Westerham Citizen’s Advice, and Twinning Association, as well as the opening of the new sensory garden at Marsh Green Pre-School, and the Christmas Extravaganza.

Getting to know your local councillors and building a relationship with them will help you keep informed about any issues or council decisions that may affect you. They’re also a great bridge between yourselves and the full council – able to signpost you to the right people and services, as well as representing your views at council meetings.

Your councillors also have knowledge about Sevenoaks District Council and Kent County Council should you need advice on matters under their authority. Edenbridge is fortunate to have three town councillors that are also district councillors, and one who is also a county councillor. This helps when making local representations to the other authorities.

Find out more about your local councillors and get in touch.

Officers of the Town Council are also available to help with your queries.