CIL Board

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Board

The Community Infrastructure (CIL) Board has delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the Town Council and shall consider Bids for CIL funding in accordance with the law, Town Council’s Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and the CIL guidance framework.

CIL is a charge that local authorities can set on new development in order to raise funds to help fund the infrastructure, facilities and services in their area. Most new development which creates net additional floor space of 100 square metres or more, or creates a new dwelling, is potentially liable for the levy. Some developments may be eligible for relief or exemption from the levy. This money is collected and paid to the planning authority and a contribution is made to the appropriate town/parish council.

Who can bid?

Bids can be submitted by the Town Council Councillors, community groups and infrastructure providers using the relevant form (link below).

How to make a bid?

View Edenbridge Town Council’s CIL Guidance and Procedures. This should be read before completing an application. Applicants should complete the CIL pro-forma bid form. (Word version here)

For further advice on the bidding process, or to discuss a possible scheme for consideration, contact the Town Clerk on 01732 865368 or email

How will the Town Council consider bids for CIL Funding?

After the closing date, bids will be considered in accordance with the CIL Funding Guidance and Procedures. The CIL Board will meet to consider the applications.

Representation(s) will be received from the company/person/body submitting the Bid and will be expected to present their Bid to the CIL Board. See Meeting Procedures and Speaking Protocol (Appendix B of CIL Procedures).

This is a meeting held in public and members of the public may attend to observe.

How often does the CIL Board meet?

The CIL Board aims to meet to consider applications at least twice a year. A notice for CIL bids will be posted on the Town Council’s website and Facebook page approximately 6 weeks prior to the meeting of the CIL Board, and will close approximately 2 weeks before the meeting. The scheduled meetings for 2023 are:

Monday 27 February
Monday 13 November

View CIL Guidance and Procedures including meeting protocol and CIL Board Terms of Reference. The Council has to make an annual return to Sevenoaks District Council (the CIL collecting authority); copies of these are available under the finance pages.

Past minutes:
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