Eden Valley Tourism Forum

The Eden Valley Tourism Forum’s aims and objectives are to:

• Support development of rural tourism in the Eden Valley – roughly the TN8 area.
• Encourage networking and interaction between local tourism concerns.
• Create a public-private partnership.
• Gain strategic input into tourism plans.
• Raise awareness of opportunities for rural businesses/organisations.

The Forum, which meets normally twice per year, is serviced by the Tourism and Admin Officer. Its policy is to encourage tourism, in its widest sense, for the benefit of the local economy.

Forum members look at a wide range of issues relating to the promotion of tourism, in all aspects, and implement appropriate action. Three councillors represent the Town Council on the Forum, which has a small budget. It has no delegated authority.

Below is the list of all upcoming and past Tourism Forums.

Forum agendas

agenda April 06

agenda Nov 06

agenda Nov 07

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agenda April 09

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agenda Sept 2011

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Spring Agenda – March 2020

Next Forum: October (TBC)