New Town Councillor – Michael Gemmell Smith

The Town Council is delighted to welcome Michael Gemmell Smith as your new councillor for the North East Ward. At the extraordinary meeting of the Council on Wednesday evening (10 November), he was unanimously voted on to the Council.

In Michael’s statement, he said, ‘since moving to Edenbridge in the year 2000 aged 11, I have developed a great attachment to the town along with its residents who have always treated me extremely well and many have become lifelong friends.

In my early teenage years I have fond memories of being a DJ for local Mencap events at Eden Valley School. This evolved into promoting my own music events with the help of local talent performing in many different venues all over the South-East. Now I run my own business from Hever Business Centre, which is based in the former train station installing access control systems alongside human resource management solutions.

I am very enthusiastic about offering my support and ideas to help Edenbridge be the best it can be. I’d aim to encourage positivity around the great potential of the town. Engaging with the community to work towards real improvements for fellow residents and businesses alike. Living and working locally allows me to make a commitment to dedicate a significant amount of time towards ensuring the local area is an attractive place to visit and to reside’.

We look forward to working with Michael. He has been appointed on to the following committees: Finance and Governance; Personnel; Planning.