Consultation Responses

Edenbridge Town Council considers consultations that may be published by the Government, Kent County Council, Sevenoaks District Council, and other authorities. Some consultations may be responded to individually. Representations made by the Council are published on this page. 

Sevenoaks District Local Plan – Draft Plan, phase 2 Reg 18 (January 2023) consultation responses, click selected policy below to view. Edenbridge Town Council is a consultee. All representations are made to Sevenoaks District Council who will consider all representations before confirming its draft plan which will be consulted on under Regulation 19. This is expected to be mid 2024. The Plan will than go before the Planning Inspectorate at a public Hearing.

1_ST1 -A Balanced Strategy for Growth 9_ST2 MX11- Land east of Mead Road 17_W1 – Flood Risk
2_ST2 MX7 – War Memorial Hospital 10_GT1 & MX11 – Provision for Gypsy and Traveller 18_W2 – Sustainable Drainage
3_ST2 MX8 78-80-80-82 -2 Leathermarket 11_H3 – Housing in Rural Areas 19_IN1 – Infrastructure Delivery
4_ST2 MX9 – Farmstead Drive 12_H4 – Housing for Older People 20_ED1 – Education
5_ST2 HO15 – Ashcombe Drive & Meadow Lane 13_H7 – Housing Density and Intensification 21_SL1 – Sports and Leisure
6_ST2HO17 – Land West Croach House Road 14_EMP2-Delivering new employment land – MX10 Breezehurst 22_UD1 – Utilities and Digital Infrastructure
7_ST2 HO17 – Land North Skinners Lane 15_EMP3 – Retaining and optimising employment land 23_T1 & T2 Sustainable Movement Network
8_ST2 MX10 – Land at Breezehurst Farm 16_EDN1 – Edenbridge Town Centre  

Sevenoaks District Local Plan – Draft Plan, phase 1 Reg 18 (January 2022) consultation response – click here


Gatwick Northern Runway – In Summer 2022, Gatwick ran a 6 week consultation on updated road designs for our Northern Runway plans and views on its updated plans for car parks, hotels, offices, the airfield, water management, carbon and noise (closing date 27 July 2022). Edenbridge Town Council’s response click here.

Planning for the future – Government Consultation on proposals for reform of the planning system in England (closing date 29 October 2020). Edenbridge Town Council’s response click here