Neighbourhood Plan Latest Draft

Work on the Edenbridge Neighbourhood Plan is currently “on hold”, while Sevenoaks District Council is preparing a new version of its own district-wide Local Plan.

Edenbridge had sent SDC the first draft of its own policies for future housing, design, environment, economy, infrastructure, and health/learning/well-being for the Neighbourhood Plan — but these have to fit in with District policies (and the National Planning Policy Framework, which the Government is also reviewing).
The draft Edenbridge Neighbourhood Plan will be reviewed against those, and its policies possibly then amended.

The full Neighbourhood Plan document has to contain a number of specific elements, as well as the proposed policies themselves with their supporting text, and is accompanied by a statement that it has met the basic conditions required, and also a statement on what consultation has been carried out, when and through what methods.

The latest draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is available here Draft ENP pre submission 27 Oct 2017 – Version 11

The Basic Conditions statement is available here Basic conditions statement ENP 27 Oct 2017

The Consultation Statement is available here  Draft Consultation Statement 27 Oct 2017

There are formal stages a Neighbourhood Plan document has to pass through – firstly submission to the District Council, which then carries out a consultation, beyond that there is then an external inspection by a Planning Inspector, after that there is a local Referendum for the community to vote whether they support the plan.

Click on this link to see the report from the 2016 consultation on the early drafts for policies  Draft Policies survey Report

Click on this link to see information about the Neighbourhood Plan and the policies taking shape in 2016  Media release – Policy consultation and display Feb 16

Edenbridge Housing Needs Survey 2015 Click on this link to see the report    EB HNS Report

Edenbridge Businesses survey 2015  Click on this link to see the report     Business Survey Report – Oct 2015