Plan development documents

This page contains documents which have been created during the process of developing the Neighbourhood Plan,  listed in date order

The report on engagement with the local community, from the project launch in 2014 up to date, is available here Draft Consultation Statement 27 Oct 2017

The summary of further consultation on housing in 2016 is available here

The report from the 2016 consultation on the early drafts for policies is available here  Draft Policies survey Report

The updated Edenbridge Design Statement is available here

Click on this link to see an update about the Neighbourhood Plan and the policies taking shape in 2016  Media release – Policy consultation and display Feb 16

Edenbridge Housing Needs Survey 2015 Click on this link to see the report    EB HNS Report

Edenbridge Businesses survey 2015  Click on this link to see the report     Business Survey Report – Oct 2015