Council submits its views on Local Plan

Edenbridge Town Council has responded to Sevenoaks District Council’s most recent stage of consultation on its new Local Plan, which ran from 27 November 2023 to 11 January 2024.

Edenbridge Town Council’s response to Local Plan Regulation 18

Plan 2040 is an important document that sets out what can be built and where over the next 15 years. This latest consultation, called ‘Regulation 18 (Part 2)’ continued to focus on development opportunities in built up areas but also proposed potential Green Belt land for development including sites in Edenbridge such as Breezehurst Farm and Crouch House Road.

Councillors agreed to engage a planning consultant to ensure we submitted the best possible representation for Edenbridge. Overall, the Council believes that the amount of additional Green Belt proposed for release around Edenbridge, when taken together with already committed Green Belt release, is excessive and disproportionate when compared to other towns in the district such as Sevenoaks and Swanley.

The Council supports certain sites for development, such as Edenbridge War Memorial Hospital and Leathermarket. However, the Council objects to certain development proposals, such as Breezehurst Farm, where it considers that the scale of housing development and the release of the site would represent an excessive level of growth for Edenbridge during the plan period, when considered together with Green Belt development already committed and other Green Belt sites around the town also proposed for release.

Once Sevenoaks District Council (SDC) has analysed all of the responses it will publish a revised version of the Local Plan later this year when residents will have another opportunity to comment on the proposals – this is formally known as the ‘Regulation 19’ consultation.

A summary report of the consultation will be presented to SDC’s Development and Conservation Advisory Committee on 26 March 2024.

The Local Development Scheme (LDS, July 2022) outlines the timetable and the next steps for the Local Plan:

• Reg.18 (Draft Local Plan consultation – Part 2) – autumn/winter 2023

• Reg.19 (Plan publication) – spring 2024

• Reg.22 (Submission) – summer 2024

• Reg.22 (Submission) – summer 2024

For further background:


Residents urged to comment on new Local Plan

Sevenoaks District Council has drafted a new Local Plan to cover the period up to 2040 – an important document that sets out what can be built and where over the next 15 years.

A ‘Pop-up’ session, where you can find out more about the latest version of the Plan and comment, will be held on: Wednesday 6 December 2023, 4.30pm to 7.30pm at the Eden Centre, Four Elms Road, Edenbridge, TN8 6BY

UPDATE: Meet with Edenbridge Town Councillors at another pop-up on Thursday 4 January 2024, 3-7 pm at Rickards Hall, off the High Street. View the plans, share your views and find out how to have your say.

Sevenoaks District Council says: “This Local Plan consultation, called ‘Regulation 18 (Part 2)’ continues to focus on development opportunities in built up areas but also considers Green Belt land in the most suitable and sustainable locations, on the edge of existing settlements including land that may already have been built on.”

View the Plan and take part in the survey by midnight on 11 January 2024 or download copy of the response here.

Potential development sites

Edenbridge residents may be keen to view Page 55 of the Plan 2040 as it lists the sites that are being proposed for potential development (below).

Sites proposed for potential development
Town Council Response

In the initial Regulation 18 Consultation held earlier this year, Edenbridge Town Council already commented on SDC’s housing density proposals, and made representation on the Plan’s vision for the high street. The Town Council will now thoroughly review the new Plan documents and consider its full response to this consultation. On initial inspection, the Council is disappointed to see the number of houses that are being potentially proposed for development on Green Belt land in Edenbridge and believes that future housing need should already be met by the new Four Elms development and other sites in the town. Over the coming weeks Councillors will be considering which sites they may wish to object to and those they feel they could support as being more suitable for development. To this end, Town Councillors have agreed to engage a consultant to ensure we can submit the best possible representation for Edenbridge. The Council is also keen to ensure that the views of those living in Edenbridge are heard at district level and would encourage all residents to complete the survey.


Regulation 18 Consultation (Part 1)
Earlier this year we encouraged all residents to find out more about the Local Plan proposals and to complete the initial consultation survey. The Town Council also submitted its response to Sevenoaks District Council, including comments on SDC’s housing density proposals and vision for the high street. View Edenbridge Town Council response

Regulation 18 Consultation (Part 2)
Feedback from the initial Regulation 18 (Part 1) consultation was presented to Sevenoaks District Council’s Development and Conservation Advisory Committee on 11 July. At a further meeting on 31 October 2023, district councillors approved the next stage of consultation on the Local Plan, which focuses on housing development. This is running from 23 November 2023 to 11 January 2024.

The Local Development Scheme (LDS, July 2022) outlines the timetable and the next steps for the Local Plan:

• Reg.18 (Draft Local Plan consultation – Part 2) – autumn/winter 2023

• Reg.19 (Plan publication) – spring 2024

• Reg.22 (Submission) – summer 2024

• Reg.22 (Submission) – summer 2024

Community News Democracy

Edenbridge councillor becomes Sevenoaks District Council’s new Chairman

Cllr Alan Layland with wife Lyn

After taking pole position to become Sevenoaks District Council’s Chairman, Cllr Alan Layland has got off to a flying start with his sights set on supporting a local charity that’s close to his heart.

Alan, who represents the Edenbridge South & West ward, was elected as the new Chairman at the District Council’s Annual Council meeting (23 May 2023).

Alan moved from East Dulwich to Edenbridge 56 years ago and worked as a health and safety co-ordinator for Eaton-Williams, an air conditioning company based in Edenbridge.

Alan says: “I was passionate about health and safety and proud to work for a business that exported to virtually every country you could think of. With manufacturing sites across the UK, I’d travel far and wide doing my bit to ensure my colleagues had a safe workplace.”

But work wasn’t Alan’s only passion, as he explains: “I’ve always loved living in Edenbridge. It has given me so much over the years so I’ve always wanted to give something back.

“As well as being an Edenbridge Town Councillor and a Sevenoaks District Councillor for the past eight years, I’m an honorary member of the Edenbridge Chamber of Commerce.

“In 2014, we organised a fabulous event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of John Surtees winning the F1 World Championship. John, who was also passionate about the town, drove his original 1964 race winning car through Edenbridge High Street followed by 36 classic Ferraris.

“Naturally, with my professional background, I was in the lead safety car! It was an honour to take part in such a fun event.

Over the next year, Alan is planning to raise the profile of the Sevenoaks Area Dementia Friendly Community. Alan says: “Like so many others, I’ve been touched by dementia as both of my parents had the disorder. I know from personal experience it often has a profound impact on the loved ones of those living with the condition.

“I’ve worked with Sevenoaks Area Dementia Friendly Community for some time and I’ve seen their amazing work first hand. I want to do everything possible to support this amazing cause during my year as Chairman.

“In addition, I’m keen to continue supporting the Town Council’s work to make Edenbridge a dementia friendly town.

Alan, who has been married to Lyn for the past 46 years, adds: “It’s both humbling and a privilege to be elected as the Chairman of Sevenoaks District Council. Lyn and I are really looking forward to meeting residents, volunteers, businesses and community groups across the District in the coming year to hear about their amazing work and stories.”

Alan welcomes invitations to community events as the Chairman of Sevenoaks District. To invite Alan, visit or call 01732 227247.

You can also follow Alan on Twitter at @sdc_chairman.

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