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The sad cost of vandalism

We would rather spend money on more positive things, but it’s a sad fact that each year the Council has to budget for vandalism. We usually set aside around £3,000, but this past year the cost of dealing with vandalism in Edenbridge has already exceeded £7,500. That’s not to mention staff time that could be better spent on providing other important services.

Vandalism and graffiti can be crimes – you can report it using Kent Police’s online ‘Report a Crime’ service:  Report vandalism or graffiti | Kent Police

The more we report issues and the more evidence we have, the more likely the Police and other agencies will be able to help us tackle antisocial behaviour in our community.

If you have been the victim of graffiti on your property, you can contact Sevenoaks District Council who can help you deal with it: Report graffiti · My Account SDC (