Traffic Calming & Highways

Edenbridge Town Council Planning and Transportation Committee receives and considers road safety issues in Edenbridge and campaigns to Kent County Council (KCC) Highways for safety improvements.

The Town Councils also facilitates the Kent Police Speedwatch scheme co-ordinating a team of volunteers who attend approved sites around the town. Reports are logged on the speedwatch site and data is analysed.

Through the CIL Board, funds have been provided for a portable speed indicator device (SID). Sites have been considered and are currently awaiting approval from Kent Highways. 


Kent highways ask parish and town councils to prioritise safety improvements that they may wish to see in their areas. The aim is help KCC Highways manage requests for changes and improvements. KCC does not have a ‘pot’ of funding for parishes; however, this approach enables them to agree its priorities and ensure its investment has the most impact in making roads safer for all users.

The plans give parish and town councils the opportunity to decide which community priorities they want to take forward. Given the finite KCC highways budget, not all priorities are likely to be funded. However, the Kent Highways team can discuss the problems and provide technical advice for the best way to deliver improvements and provide estimates for the costs. Using this information, parish and town councils can determine whether they can provide funding for these priorities and, working with KCC Highways, deliver them.

Safety improvement examples include: new warning signs, request for lower speed limits, traffic calming measures. 

It does not include any of the following: requests for parking restrictions or police enforcement requests. Any maintenance issues e.g. potholes, replacement signs, road marking refresh, street lighting issues, drainage issues, requests for resurfacing. Safety improvement schemes for will only be considered which are on the local HIP.

The Planning and Transportation considers and reviews the HIP

2020-21 Highways Improvement Plan (Approved Sept 20)