Cuts School Buses for Edenbridge Children

Edenbridge Town Council is shocked and appalled to see that the school bus routes S41 to Sevenoaks and TW8 to Tunbridge Wells have been dropped from the schedule by the route operator. This is a result of commercial operation and is mainly a financial loss for the operator. 

These services where not subsidised by Kent County Council (KCC) and the timing of the cuts to services is entirely coincidental with KCC consultation on bus services reduction.  Officers at KCC have stated, “We recognise and fully understand the great difficulties that these commercial route reductions mean for many families. The next stage for our officers is to work with operators to see if others can provide alterative services”.

The Town Council was not notified of these bus cuts at any time and has no influence. However, your Town and County Councillor, Margot McArthur, is aware of the situation and is working with KCC on this.