December Newsletter from Local Police


We have seen an increase in calls for nuisance vehicles again, especially off road bikes, in the area so work is being done to combat this and tackle the problem. We have siezed one bike for driving dangerously and casuing a nuisnace in the area. A warrant was also carried out due to intel being gathered regarding stolen bikes. We have been suffering from a lack of resources over the Christmas week due to patrols having to cover the port closures. I would like to thank everyone who has made calls relating to these bikes and other crimes that have occurred, it gives us more imformation on times and patterns that help solve the problems being caused. We have also attended several calls for Covid breaches and dealt with the people who broke the rules accordingly. Patrols attended a Road Traffic Collison in Marsh Green, luckily all people involved were checked over by the ambulance and was given the all clear and the road was reopened after a couple of hours. With the weather getting worse and the roads now likely to freeze and become slippery, it is important that people take particular care when driving for their essentials trips.