Food Bank Christmas Donations

The Town Council are supporting our local Food Bank this Christmas.

Please bring donations to the council offices. 

A box will be left outside during office hours for a covid secure drop off!

Our collection for the food bank is earlier this year with the aim to let the families the Food bank support know what they will be receiving well before Christmas. 

It will  helps to reduce anxiety levels and make for the best Christmas possible!

We will be collecting until the 1st December. 

Below is a list of things the Food bank would like.

Any brand new Christmas gifts, (not wrapped)

Wrapping  paper 

Gift tags.

Chocolate tree decorations

Christmas napkins/serviettes

Any kind of Christmassy food treat that does not contain alcohol..


Boxes of biscuits

Crisps in cardboard tubes (they don’t get crushed)


Christmas cake

Crackers (to pull)

Crackers (for cheese)

Tinned ham

Tinned potatoes

Tinned vegetables

Tinned fruit

Custard mix