Local Plan Consultation – What do you think?

Have you had a chance to check out the plans for Edenbridge in the Draft Local Plan.  You are being asked what you think about proposals for housing, employment, retail and other infrastructure up to 2035.  Responses need to be made to Sevenoaks District Council by 10 September.  Please let the Town Council know your thoughts as well so they can take them into account whilst they prepare the towns response.

  •   15 residential units, retail, parking, open spaces, Open Space at Stangrove Estate, Crouch House Road (HO 210)
  •  5 residential units Kent & Surrey Driving Range, Crouch House Road (HO 379)
  •  Edenbridge & District War Memorial Hospital,  residential? (HO 364)
  •  Land west of Romani Way, 80 residential units, C2 (residential: hospitals and nursing homes, care, schools, colleges or training centres, care homes) 5  gypsy and traveller pitches, employment (MX 44)
  •  Station Approach, 28 residential units (Hd2)
  •  Seven Acre Farm  3 additional gypsy and traveller pitches in addition to the 7 existing unauthorised pitches becoming permanent (GT12)

Three sites have been put forward that are greenfield Green Belt sites, which claim to have exceptional circumstances.  These sites are currently being tested and are included in this consultation for comment, but this does not guarantee their inclusion in the final Draft Local Plan

  •  515  residential units plus, health and education facilities, Land south and east of Four Elms Road,  (HO 189)
  • OR
  • 450 Residential Units, employment, health hub secondary school, Land at Breezehurst Farm, Crouch House Road (MX 10)
  • OR
  • 250 residential units, health hub  Land south west of Crouch House Road (MX 51)