Station Road roadworks update

BT will start work on the Main Road side of the Four Elms Road junction from 17th April – 2nd May. Traffic lights will not be required for these works.Once these works are completed then BT will start the works on the chamber on the Edenbridge side of the site. These works will need the lights to go up again and will last 6 – 8 weeks. will be requesting extended works hours during the week and weekend to reduce the overall time of the impact of the works. The traffic lights will be manually controlled from 0700hrs – 1900hrs, and will be done 7 days a week. Once BT start and have moved cables, hopefully after about 2 weeks, then Buxted will work at the same time on the very south side of the site, laying new kerb stones and the footpath with a view of reducing the length of the traffic lights and hopefully be able to change from 4 way to 3 way traffic lights. This will again reduce the impact to the residents and travelling public.

This information is on the agenda and will be discussed at the Planning and Transportation Committee meeting on Monday 15 April at 7.30pm in Rickards Hall.