Council decision on Stangrove Estate Improvements

On Monday 12th The Council discussed the proposed Stangrove Estate improvements. Here is the response to the District Council:

Members welcome the proposals to increase the number of parking spaces on the estate. This has been a long term wish of Edenbridge Town Council which it anticipates it would ease the current situation and reverse damage to the greens caused by residents driving over and parking on them. It believes additional parking is essential.

Members accept that current financial restraints mean that improvements have to be self funded but do not wish to see advantage taken of the residents by squeezing in unnecessary houses to profit from the new homes bonus and the sale of houses. Members wish the scheme to be cost neutral. If in achieving this a reduction in the number of homes required is established, believe that the released land should be used to provide additional parking spaces.

The Stangrove Community Group has provided alternative proposals which members ask the District to take into consideration as part of the consultation response.

It is unclear if a survey of the number of additional parking spaces required on the Estate was carried out, (the Residents Association had offered to do this), the Town Council would be interested to see these results so it can understand the impact that the proposed additional 47 spaces would make against the identified need.

If the new homes proposal does go ahead the issue of access for lorries will need to be carefully considered. Access through the narrow section of the one way system at Cedar Drive is inappropriate, as it is one of the most congested and narrow roads on the Estate, with residents having little option but to park on both sides of the road.

It appeared that residents living in properties in Greshams Way whose homes back onto the site had not been specifically included in the consultation. Their views should be sought.


You can find the full meetings minutes on the below link: