Developers come to Council

The developers of the Kent and Surrey Golf Course  are coming to make a brief presentation to Council at the start of the Council meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 10 June.  They will give a brief outline of the plans which they have submitted as part of the Local Plan process and the Councillors will be able to ask questions of them.

The group  are proposing to build 100 C2 Assisted Living units, relocate the club house which will be used by residents, golf club members and locals (on a membership basis).  It will be an upmarket boutique hotel type of offering which will be based on the Soho House style, being upmarket and comfortable, with a restaurant, function rooms, bedrooms (current club house has 18 bedrooms), gym and pool. The units themselves will be a combination of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and cottages which will have lots of glass, balconies, open plan living areas, en-suite bathrooms and very high specifications.

They say that – You will see from the plan that we’re only using 20 of the 136 acres available, the idea being that the impact on the Green Belt is kept to a minimum and that we will be relocating the 1st and the 18th tees elsewhere on the course utilising the redundant ex-nine-hole course.  Most of the construction is going to be on the “brownfield” portion in the green belt ie. the rather large unsightly carpark and existing clubhouse.