Community Safety

Meet Edenbridge’s new Community Warden

Following the retirement of the town’s previous Community Warden, Kevin McGovern has now taken on this important role.

As a local resident, Kevin is well aware of some of the issues Edenbridge faces and is keen to build his presence around town.

“I’m looking forward to being as hands-on as possible in this role,” explains Kevin. “I’ll have a stand-out red and navy uniform so people will be able to easily spot me when I’m out and about, so please come and say hello and let me know about any issues you may have,” he adds.

Town Clerk, Caroline Leet, said: “We hope the people of Edenbridge will give Kevin a warm welcome. This is an important (part-time) role for our community providing a professional, knowledgeable link between residents, local agencies, voluntary groups, and the Police to promote community safety and improve the local community environment, as well as help work with partners to promote Building Bridges for a Dementia Friendly Edenbridge.”

Kevin has already arranged a litter pick since starting in the role earlier this month, and it’s an area he’s looking to focus on. He’s also hoping to visit local youth groups and schools to raise awareness about looking after our environment.

He’ll be attending the weekly Games Club for over 55s at Rickards Hall every Monday, and will be dropping in to community events and partnership meetings. Kevin will also be collecting data from our Speed Indicator Devices used to promote safer driving through the town.

Recruiting more volunteers is also something Kevin hopes to achieve. “A town is characterised by its residents and so far the people I have come across are genuinely very nice,” he says. “At the moment it seems we have a small core of people who do all the different volunteer jobs in the town so it would be great to try and get more people involved.”

Details about the Council’s Volunteering Policy and our commitment to you, can be viewed in our Policies Section. Volunteering opportunities include community litter pick, bulb planting, and speedwatch.

Contact the Community Warden

You can get in touch with Kevin via email: or by telephoning the Council office on 01732 865368
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