Proposed sites for portable Speed Indicator Device (SID)

In June 2019, the Forward Planning Committee supported investigations into these devices for Edenbridge. In November 2019, the Planning and Transportation Committee received a report on Speed Indicator Devices (SID)/Vehicle Activation Signs (VAS) – these are similar devices.  These devices can provide useful data on traffic volumes and speed. It agreed to continue with investigations. Kent County Council (KCC) Highways has an approved provider for these devices and a set procedure in place for Kent for installing these on the highway network.  See the attached for SID Scheme guide.

Funding was approved by CIL Board, September 2020 to purchase one portable speed indicator (SID) device which would allow the Council to obtain data on traffic volume and speed, and the cost of the new posts to be installed by Kent Highways at approved sites. At the Planning and Transportation Committee’s meeting 2 November, Members proposed several potential sites that were within an existing 30 mph zone (as stipulated by Kent Highways) to be suitable for the portable Speed Indicator Device (SID). At the Committee’s meeting on 01 February, it approved the sites which had been assessed by Kent Highways.

Portable Speed Indicator Device (SID) – proposed sites:  

  1.  Mill Hill near Portland Vets – a single post could be used for both directions
  2. Crouch House Road, sited away from the post box toward Orchard Drive – suitable for use in one direction
  3. Swan Lane near Swan Ridge – single post can be used for both directions

If there are any objections to these sites, please email by 28 February.